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Ghost Hunters Adventure Club and The Secret of the Grande Chateau - SIGNED Hardcover Book

$21.00 USD

Arin’s Uncle, Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills, wrote a book! He gave us a bunch of signed copies and said “Do with them what you will.” Seemed kind of ominous, but the boxes were really heavy and he insisted on carrying them all in for us, which is actually really nice? The book is a really fun read! Here’s what the book is about, in Cecil’s words:

”Listen up, kid. My name is Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills. I’m the author of this book and many other ones that you might have not heard of. This book is about two idiot wannabe detective-types. Their names are J.J. and Valentine Watts, but I’m not sure if they’re actually brothers or not.

They make a friend; her name is Trudy de la Rosa. She’s a wannabe detective-type too, but honestly, she’s less of an idiot than the brothers.

The three of them team up to solve a mystery that takes place in a snowy chateau up in the mountains. It gets more complicated around chapter 11, but now you’ve got the main gist of it. The story’s full of intrigue and adventure and puzzles and light violence and some swear words. It’s really entertaining.

Just buy the book and start reading. You’ll understand everything about the Ghost Hunters Adventure Club very soon.”

  • Books are hardcover, gloss finish
  • Signed lovingly by Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills, Arin’s Uncle, who wrote this book
  • Cover illustration by Paul Mann, Spot illustrations by Rachel Allen (@vanduobones on twitter), Photos of Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills by Tucker Prescott
  • Product photos by Eric Kubli
  • 210 pages
  • Each purchase comes with a free Ghost Hunters Adventure Club Membership card while supplies last

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