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ARPEEGEES Stickers! Wave 1 Blind Pack - 3 RANDOM STICKERS


Inspired by the classic video game RPG's everyone loves, these adorable die-cut vinyl stickers come in randomly selected packs of 3 (three)!! Fully designed by Arin Hanson, these stickers are meant to evoke the nostalgic feeling of staying up late, battling monsters and becoming fully immersed in a fun, colorful, fantasy world!!

Collect them all!! Trade them! Each bag contains 3 (three) randomly selected stickers. The entire set of Wave 1 stickers consist of:

  • 7 Common Stickers
  • 6 Uncommon Stickers
  • 5 Rare Holofoil Stickers!
  • 2 ULTRA RARE Holofoil Stickers!!

Each pack of 3 pins contains AT LEAST 1 (one) UNCOMMON OR HIGHER rarity sticker! Try for your favorite one!

We hope you LOVE Arpeegees! We are SO EXCITED to be sharing these with the world! 


  • 002 Mushboy Group
  • 003 Monk and Geomancer
  • 004 Bard and Koboldio
  • 007 Hunter and Drago
  • 014 Viking and Branchbabee
  • 016 Scholar and Froggins
  • 017 Summoner and Bombo


  • 001 Ranger and Mushboy
  • 005 Harpy and White Mage
  • 006 Paladin and Blobbo
  • 011 Black Mage and Woof
  • 013 Devilman and Cleric
  • 015 Thief and Bad Ninjer


  • 008 Paladin Pulls the Sword!
  • 009 Fishguy Carries Banan!
  • 012 Warror and Blobbo!
  • 019 King Froggins!
  • 020 Scary Branchbabee!


  • 010 - Fancy Blobbo!!
  • 018 - Bombo!!

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